Reviewer Guidelines

The reviewers are kindly requested to review and take into consideration the following points if possible:

1- The manuscript (research) within the scope of the topics and specialization of the heritage magazine.

2- Are the data (scientific information) authentic and has not been published in another journal?

3- Is the title (research) appropriate and rewarding for the idea of ​​scientific research?

4-Is the method scientific and logical and the analyzes justified?

5- Does the summary fulfill and clarify the idea of ​​the manuscript (research)

6- Is the subject of the research or study covered in a clear scientific way?

7-Are the scientific terms correct, and the nomenclature is a series, circulating or known?

8-Are the discussion and conclusion supported by the findings of the researcher?

9-Are the tables, figures, and pictures clear, and are the research and its scientific conclusions necessary?

10- Was the citation and citation clearly and appropriately?

11-Should some paragraphs of the manuscript be modified (the research is expanded or deleted?

12-Is the length of the research commensurate with the general topic of the manuscript and with the scientific content?