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A refereed scientific journal issued quarterly, with four issues per year. The issue covers three months of the year. An issue is published in the third and sixth month, then in the ninth month, and finally in the twelfth month of each year.

The first issue was issued in 1977, the same year in which the Heritage Revival Center was established. The entire issue included the founding program of the center, the structure, and the laws according to which the Center and its magazine were established. ) and has been issued under this title to this time.

The second issue was published in 1978. The two issues were printed at the University of Baghdad Press, and the editor-in-chief of the magazine was Dr. Yassin Khalil

The magazine witnessed several pauses for technical and financial reasons. After a twenty-two-year hiatus, the magazine was republished in 2001. The third issue was issued and represented a group of research, studies and personal experiences of a number of those who were concerned with the realization of texts. As for the fourth issue, it was limited to achieving The manuscripts and supplementing the third issue included a group of researches related to the verification of manuscripts and the experiences of investigators.

The fifth issue was published in 2007, and in 2009 the magazine was regularly published with four annual issues. This year, the sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth issues were issued, and the numbers were consecutively issued - and finally the fifty-first issue was issued

As for the topics and disciplines that the magazine is interested in publishing, they are the research and studies that fall within the specialization of the Center for the Revival of Arab Scientific Heritage, except for the topics in the Arab scientific heritage such as medicine, pharmacy, engineering, astronomy, agriculture, environment, geography and all pure sciences.

In addition to human sciences specialized in heritage, history, language, sociology, philosophy, Quranic sciences and jurisprudence.

Where the magazine focuses on research and studies that link between sciences in its various disciplines and between Arab and Islamic heritage and history.

Therefore, the Arab Scientific Heritage magazine was distinguished by this aspect of interest, as it is a scientific task that falls on the shoulders of the magazine to complete the course of the center since its establishment until now.

As for the publishing mechanism in the journal, the journal has its own declared and published scientific conditions in preparing the journal. These conditions are subject to the international conditions recommended by scientific journals followed in the policies of scientific journals. It is required in the research to contain the summary, conclusion, and sources in both Arabic and English, in addition to the key words. And that it has not been published in other journals and that it enjoys linguistic and scientific integrity, as the research is sent to experts specialized in the field of research, in addition to the presence of the linguistic expert of the journal, and the journal receives publishing fees from researchers.

Current Issue

Vol. 20 No. 2 (2023): Arab scientific heritage journal

Refereed quarterly scientific journal


Published: 2023-06-18


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