Guidelines for Authors

  1. The journal concerns with Arabic heritage researches and their scientific studies.
  2. The research must be new in its subject and dose not publish in any other countries
  3. the research must be printed on CD by (words2007) and the page set up must be 17,5x25 , the size of letters must be 14 (simplified Arabic) . the general title must be in size 16 bold but, the references and resources must be in size 12 . 
  4. the research must contain references according to basics in scientific documentation and must be put at the end of the research .
  5. the journal language is Arabic and researchers must take care the grammatical texts .
  6. the research must  contain  Arabic and English abstracts with 250 words in in addition to mention the name of the researcher , the title , the place of work , E.mail as well as contain at least 3 words key words in two languages.
  7. The numbering of the list of the translated sources into English shall be in Roman numeration.
  8. Attach the research to the necessity of pictures , shapes and maps that should be at the end of it.
  9. the conclusion  and references must be written in two languages . researches then presented to specialist experts and the researcher must be reform mistakes .
  10. the researcher must pay the wages of print and publishing according to conditions concern with.
  11. the researcher receives a single recipients after publication of a research
  12. the journal dose not return the research either publish or not.
  13. the researches express on researchers opinions.
  14. the serial and technical supervision of publishing researches related to editing members opinions .
  15. The researcher must pay financial expenses of the application procedure in the case of a request to withdraw the research and its desire not to follow the publication procedures.
  16. editorial board has the right to make adjustment whence the type of font and constrict linguistically sentence according to journal sample.
  17. when the research has accept  , the property right of the research are related to the journal .
  18. document three references of publishing studies , that it put through the menu of the research title of the journal .
  19. depend on Turnitin program in writing researches and resources.