Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement Guidelines

The journal’s approach aims to publish solid scientific research and provide high quality to its readers by adhering to the principles of the Code of Publication Ethics in preventing wrong practices in publishing, and given the position occupied by scientific research and the multiplicity of parties associated with it and its overlap, the journal has laid the foundations in which the ethical controls of scientific publishing for international journals have been followed and includes regulations An ethical code for the editor-in-chief, members of the editorial board, evaluators and researchers, as it conforms to the principles of the Global Publication Ethics Committee (COPE) and the requirements of global publication (cope:committee on publication ethics), which is the basis and guide for authors, researchers and other parties. Responsibility and fulfill the duties assigned to each party and does not tolerate any kind of behavior that does not comply with the ethics of publishing. The magazine has set among its priorities the drafting of articles of publishing ethics to be a constitution according to which it works, and it has included the following:

Editorial Board Duties and Responsibilities:

The Scientific Journal at the Center for the Revival of Arab Scientific Heritage is responsible for issuing the Journal of Arab Scientific Heritage, and the journal aims to provide equal opportunities for all researchers in their desire for discreet scientific publication. Among the other sciences that serve the magazine's specialization.


The journal adopts the rules of confidentiality and objectivity in the arbitration process, and the research is referred to accredited evaluators with expertise and precise jurisdiction in the subject of the research for evaluation according to specific points. To a new rectifier (weighted third) in pursuit of justice and scientific fairness.

The journal is keen to emphasize the evaluators in the need to preserve any distinct information or opinion that was obtained according to the scientific method of research, and this is what is required by scientific honesty.

Disclosure and conflict of interest:

In support of the journal’s policy of adhering to scientific honesty and preserving the rights of researchers to protect their scientific information and research material, it strongly rejects that any member of the editorial board or evaluators may use scientific material for unpublished or apologized research and referred to the journal in their research, and may not be used Except with the permission of (the author of the research) the researcher himself.

This work is considered scientific theft, and it is a disgraceful and immoral behavior that contradicts the desired scientific integrity in the field of scientific research and academic publishing, and therefore it is rejected altogether and in detail, and this comes in line with the vision of the University of Baghdad and its instructions regarding unethical practices in publishing and research.

Responsibility of the arbitrators:

The editor-in-chief or his representative has the right to express an opinion on the research submitted to the journal and to discuss it with the members of the editorial board and the author in a manner that achieves the scientific benefit of the research and the journal, and in compliance with publishing ethics standards in not disclosing the names of the scientific arbitrators for the sake of scientific impartiality.

And following the rule of non-discrimination, where the nomination and approval of the scientific material is according to its intellectual content, taking into account the non-discrimination and what is approved is the scientific value and ethical standards of work and the integrity of scientific research intellectually and objectively regardless of race, gender, religious and sexual backgrounds or any other form of discrimination except for adherence to the rules Scientific thinking, its methods, and its language in presenting, presenting, discussing or analyzing ideas, trends and topics.





the speed :

Among the criteria of scientific integrity is the promptness of the arbitrators to inform the editorial board of their desire to apologize for the arbitration in order to guarantee the researcher’s right that his research goes beyond the stages of acceptance and publication of the research smoothly.

The editorial board confirms that the evaluator mentions in his report to the journal about the research referred to him that the research is free of plagiarism or scientific plagiarism. Without modification or in accordance with the modifications established by the assessor and based on what is contained in their reports, or an apology for not publishing with a statement of the scientific reasons for that

Objectivity standards:

The editorial board envisages the objective and scientific criteria of the arbitrators when evaluating. It is also keen to select evaluators who are known for their reputation and scientific honesty, and to stay away from personal interests when carrying out the evaluation process for research and looking at the scientific material away from personal interests.

Disclosure and conflict of interest:

One of the most important duties of the editorial board is to follow the evaluation stage objectively, as it does not allow personal judgment and interest as a reason for accepting or rejecting the research. Research and after receiving the reports of scientific experts.

It requires researchers to ensure the originality of their research and its fulfillment of the above-mentioned criteria, and therefore they must review their research and commit to correction according to the evaluation’s suggestions. The research file is considered canceled for not taking into account the seriousness of the researcher and his desire to publish.

cknowledgment of the sources:

 One of the mechanisms of sober scientific research is to emphasize the importance of documenting information in the research in order to achieve the required scientific integrity and accuracy and that the sources be appropriate to the subject of the research, and from here the journal obliges the researcher to write the references and sources referenced in the research correctly and in accordance with the journal’s policy in the terms of publication.

Duties of researchers and reporting standards:

It is the duty of the editorial board to inform researchers of the adherence to the publication controls that are installed in the journal and on its official website before sending the research to the journal. Non-compliance with the desired publishing rules and ethics.


 The magazine maintains hard copies and an electronic archive for each issue issued by it

Journal unit :

The magazine's unit shows the extent to which it observes the high ethical and professional publishing standards adopted by thejournal's unit.

The magazine also provides a technical support service for researchers, as needed, in order to improve research with the quality of the auditing, editorial, printing and electronic services it provides for research.